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Appalachian Author

Chrissie Anderson Peters is a Southwest Virginia native and the author of three books: Dog Days and Dragonflies, Running From Crazy, and Blue Ridge Christmas. Her writing can also be found  in Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel, The Mildred Haun Review, Still: The Journal, and Clinch Mountain Review, among other publications. Chrissie is currently at work on her fourth book, which is tentatively titled Chasing After Rainbows

Dog Days and Dragonflies
Running From Crazy
Blue Ridge Christmas

I’ve been writing almost as long as I’ve been reading. Words have always been a comfort and a strength…

Chrissie Anderson Peters takes us into the complicated, dark, and beautiful heart of contemporary Appalachia with these intriguing stories, essays, and poems.

Silas House, author of Same Sun Here and Parchment of Leaves

If you’re looking for brave vision in a new voice, Dog Days and Dragonflies is the book for you. Chrissie Anderson Peters’ stories of friendship, hardship, family love and betrayal will stay with you long past the last page

George Ella Lyon, author of She Let Herself Go

Again and again, Chrissie Anderson Peters reminds us about everything that’s magical, revealing the true spirit of Christmas.

Denton Loving, author of Crimes Against Birds

Recent Writing



I’ve been absent a lot in August. Physically and mentally. I’m in a funk right now. A deep funk. I’ve been fighting it for weeks and have finally just admitted, this is where I am. I am sad. I feel absolutely overwhelmed with various life events from the past few...

Hindman Update

Hindman Update

I was able to get another load of supplies taken over to Hindman Settlement School this afternoon. On my way off of the campus, I decided to take a left and take a look in the downtown area. I saw that #CowboyDave was still there on the corner, at the Mi-Dee Mart. On...