I’ve lost another 10 pounds or so since I last wrote about my weight loss journey for the blog in February. I’m down a little more than 20 pounds overall since I started on January 4, 2021. I’m proud of that. I can fit into jeans again and don’t have to wear sweatpants or pajama bottoms everywhere I go now. I feel like I’m falling behind, compared to where I was, but, in all reality, I’m still exactly where I wanted to be – 8-10 pounds per month. My first goal is 50 pounds lost by June 30. I’m still completely on target to meet that goal. I’m just losing at a somewhat slower rate than I was at the beginning. Which is fine. 

I’m not eating as healthy as I should, but having the new refrigerator should eliminate at least part of that excuse. It’s hard to keep fresh fruits and veggies – even the few fresh veggies that you do like – on hand, when they freeze and ruin before you can eat them. To that end, matchstick carrots and baby spinach should make reappearances in my meals and snacks soon. 

I have also joined a gym, Planet Fitness in Bristol, VA. Really, how could I not have joined this particular gym? Their colors are purple and gold! I feel at home there! Additionally, they have exercise bikes and I love to ride those. So far, I’ve only tried those and the treadmills. My goal before my next weigh-in blog is to try at least one new apparatus and report in about how I do with it. There are lots of weights and other exercise stations and equipment there. I just need to get out of my comfort zone and learn to use some of it. I’ve had a lot of asthma troubles recently, so some of my workouts have been cut short – I try to work out for at least 30 minutes while I’m there. My personal best has been 34 minutes on the tread mill for a distance of 1.1 mile, and 116 calories burned. I’m not a speed demon. Right now, I’m working on perseverance. When I cycle, I tend to do that for 15-16 minutes. Also, I’m a Black Card Member at Planet Fitness, meaning that I have access to the spa equipment. I take seriously the use of the hydromassage chairs and the deep-tissue massage chair after my workouts. The couple of times that I have missed this part of the process, I have really felt it the next day. I hear that the deep-tissue massage chair will also go zero-gravity. The prospect both entices and frightens me a little; we’ll see if I get that brave and launch myself any closer to that in it in the months to come.

I do think that part of the “slow-down” in the numbers diminishing in the weight loss comes from the fact that I’m building some muscle now. Which is good. I know that the “number” on my weight is not the only part that matters. Being healthy encompasses a huge number of components.

This month, I also tried Noom for a week. Noom is a psychological approach to losing weight. I did well on it, but wasn’t sure in the end that it was going to be worth $200 over the course of the next 8 months for me to stick with it. Admittedly, since I quit Noom, my numbers have started going back up to where they were when I first started Noom, but no higher than that. The week that I was with it, I lost almost 8 pounds. Which was really a lot for one week, though, and, as is the case when you lose weight quickly, questionably retainable in the long-run. But Noom is there if I want to pick it back up again. I’m still using their app to log my meals and exercise, as well as my daily weigh-ins and glucose readings. 

This is where I am this month. Hopefully next month will find me down another 8-10 pounds and exercising for another 5-10 minutes at each workout, hopefully on some new equipment. To achieve it, I must believe it. That is one thing that Noom teaches that I believe completely and miss reading/hearing daily: Believe in yourself and what you’re doing. You know that you’re supposed to, but it really does make a difference for the reinforcement to be there for you!