Throughout life’s storms and tempests, there’s nothing better than having some good girlfriends to share whatever you’re going through. If you’re disgusted, in pain, down on your luck, fed up with some person or situation, there’s nothing better than having someone’s extra strength on which to rely, when your own is not withstanding what is thrown your way. Whether they’re witty, wily, sarcastic, or soothing, a good girlfriend can get you through bad times you could never maneuver on your own. They remind you to stand up for yourself. They assure you the sun will rise again. They promise you’ll never go it alone. They’re not above telling you when you’ve got to get over it, but in a magnanimous way. They stand by your side, no matter the time of day, the length of discussion, or the topic at hand. True girlfriends get you — and they’ve got your back. Any time. Every time. Over time. Time and time again. Girlfriends have got you covered.