Sitting here trying to write blogs that are a week overdue, blasting my new Cutting Crew album in the office and crying, overwhelmed with emotion by the amazing life I have. I’ve always loved the song “One for the Mockingbird” by Cutting Crew. It was not a big hit in the US. Most people don’t even know it.

But it has always spoken to something inside of me. Each cruise, there seems to be one song where Teenage-Chrissie sits down beside me and looks on in awe as she belts it out with all her heart, having never imagined that she would really have a chance to do half the things I’ve done now in my 51 years, but especially to hear that one song sung liave. And I always look sideways at her, grab hold of her hand, and assure her that everything she went through was worth it, that she didn’t quit for all the right reasons, that, although not every decision was a great one, she did well, and she deserves the happiness that she has found. If only she could have known that then. If only she could have had that assurance and faith that things would turn out okay. That she would break away and stand on her own, fight on her own terms, and make it back to say, “I did it.” To anyone who gave that girl hope, love, or inspiration, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have no idea how much she needed your positivity.

Then I always look to my other side and squeeze the hand of the man who has chosen to share this life with me and helps make so many things possible. Teenage-Chrissie never imagined finding him for real. He was like the songs she listened to on records and the radio, the stories she made up in her head and wrote down on paper — just something she could dream of. No basis for expecting it to really happen. But the music, the writing, the dreaming, it all kept her alive. It kept ME alive. And I’m so thankful for all of that. Here’s to you, Mockingbird!

One for the Mockingbird/Lyrics

I have learnt through all my past mistakes
Not to let the hurdles sap my energy
Time will tell and time is all it takes
You won’t see the bastards knock the running out of me

And the band, they played one more song
One for the mocking bird, they played one more song
All the tears, they fell one by one
All for the mocking-bird, they fell one by one

Don’t be fooled by those who feed you words
They just twist and tighten up the tourniquet
But the sweetest song of all the mocking-birds
Couldn’t hope to match one note of any song we played

And the band, they played one more song
One for the mocking bird, they played one more song
All the dreams, they broke one by one
All for the mocking-bird, they broke one by one

What are you hiding from?
Why do you lock the door?
Open up the door!

And the band, they played

I have learnt, time will tell, years will pass, tears will fall,
Don’t be fooled, fed by words, their sweet songs,

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Nicholas Eede
One for the Mockingbird lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC