Sometimes, a body just needs a little R&R, a little special attention. And that’s where I was this week. A couple of years ago, I started getting really bothered by the fine fuzz on my face, which, thankfully, is very blonde, but still noticeable, especially to me. And I started getting my face dermaplaned at Valley Springs Spa in Bristol, a procedure much like shaving with a straight-edge blade. It grabs all of that peach fuzz from deep down and makes my face smoother than a baby’s bottom. 

While my friend Diana had me on the table doing this, I inquired about lash and brow tinting. As I get older, my brows and lashes get more and more blonde – not gray, mind you – and my eyes seem to become more and more invisible. So, in a moment of pure vanity, I asked Diana to tint my eyebrows dark brown. I knew that it would look pretty severe initially. I mean, going from invisible to eye-popping is severe… But I like the look. It will only last 2-4 weeks. But I like it. 

The next day, yesterday, I had a pedicure and hot paraffin treatment at Austin Springs Spa in Johnson City. Long ago, I had a paraffin bath that I used at home that required a block of paraffin wax to melt, then you soaked your feet or hands in it, then put on plastic bags, then put on mittens to help it stay warm and set into your skin. Well, paraffin has come a long way. At Austin Springs, they brush it onto your feet with a sort of basting brush, then put on the plastic baggies, and then layer it with steaming hot towels to help that moisture penetrate your skin. It feels amazing, and is a lot less messy than the way I used to achieve the same results at home! 

While I was there, I also decided to take my eyes to the dramatic limit and got my eyelashes tinted black. It stings like crazy – don’t let anyone tell you any differently, lol! But the end result is definitely worth it, at least it is for me. I have eyes that show up now! No, I won’t do it all the time, but it is something that I wouldn’t mind splurging on every now and then. Especially the eyelashes. It’s so nice to see eyelashes and brows now when I walk by the mirror. It makes me do a doubletake and smile. And really, isn’t that what pampering is all about? Thanks to the fine folks at Austin Springs and to my beloved Diana at Valley Springs, for giving me something to smile about!