Most of us are familiar with the concept of paying it forward – doing a kindness in return for a kindness paid to you. There was a great movie called Pay It Forward with the kid from The Sixth Sense in it. But did you know that there is an actual holiday for it? International Pay It Forward Day is on April 28 this year. You can read all about it on the website –

I found out about the holiday through Scentsy. Scentsy celebrates the day annually by giving each of its corporate employees $10 to take out into the community with the challenge to Pay It Forward. That’s a little over 1000 people – some of them do things for random individuals; some pool their money together and do something for a family or a specific organization. Some add their own money to it and do things for others. But think about what a difference 1000 people doing a kind deed in one community can make!

I’ve been trying to decide what I could do since I first heard about all of this in our end of month video in March. I knew for certain that I wanted to do something for the ladies and kids in the Women’s Shelter in Lebanon, VA. My sweet friend and Mary Kay hook-up, Christie Kiser-Davenport, volunteers to do facials periodically with the ladies there, and I’ve gotten to know more about the organization through her. For Easter, I donated four Body Line products for each of the ladies and Scentsy Buddies/Bitty Buddies and Buddy Clips for baskets for the kids. I’m told that everyone loved their gifts. Tomorrow, I’m going with Christie to deliver another round of presents – this time, each of the ladies is getting four laundry products from Scentsy. I’m excited about getting to meet them, and hope that these gifts will be useful to them, in addition to bringing sensational fragrances into their lives.

Additionally, the 20% I make in regular commissions through the end of April will be split between the Women’s Shelter in Russell County, VA, Clinch Valley Community Action in Tazewell County, VA, and Sullivan County Imagination Library in Sullivan County, TN. I’m working towards some specific sales goals, too, and will give customers free entries towards a $250 prize package for each item they purchase from my list of items that I need to sell from the catalog for the big sales incentive. If you feel so inclined, feel free to check out the list below and place an order on my website (www.ChrissieAndersonPeters.Scentsy.US). Every item helps me, but more importantly, it helps me help others who can really use the extra help across our region.

Items On My List – Must All Be From Our Catalog (Not Current Seasonal Promotions or Limited Time Offers):

Any Full-Sized Warmer in the Catalog
Any Mini-Warmer in the Catalog
Select Unplugged Items, which include Fragrance Flowers, Car Bars/Car Bar Clips, and Scent Paks in the Catalog
Products in our Body Line, which includes Body Cream, Body Wash, Fragrance Mist, Hand Cream, Hand Soap, Scentsy Soak, Sugar Scrub, or the Moisture Medley Bundle option – just make sure that all fragrances you choose are in the catalog (I lost sales towards the incentive recently because a customer didn’t know this and added one bar of wax to a bundle that was a current promotion instead of a catalog fragrance)

If you’re uncertain as to whether an item will qualify, feel free to contact me and ask. I’m always appreciative of ANY/ALL ORDERS! Just especially so for items that can get me closer to this sales goal and help me raise more money for these worthy charities!