I seldom share my actual writing in these blogs. Mostly, that’s because if I do, I can’t enter the writing into contests or submit them other places for publication because if I make them available via Facebook or via blogs/personal websites, regardless of how many/few people read them, most places consider that being “published.”

This month, however, I just feel like sharing a couple of little things, so I’m going for it. A haiku that I’ve not published anywhere before, and a longer poem that was featured in Black Moon Magazine, in their inaugural issue in February 2021. I hope that you enjoy them! Happy Fall!


Majestic Maple

Majestic maple

Slight winds rustle, leaves let go

Float like fiery flame.


Golden Time


October nights

Dip below


That magical

Sweet refrain

Of Fall…

Cardinal song



Before morning

Comes again

To day:

Steel slate grayness

Where sunshine

Will be.

And in that flash,


Dawns bright.

In an instant,

Leaves catch flame;

Light shafts

Ignite trees, ground;

The sun’s warmth

Bathes all

In new morning.

Golden time.