Many thanks to the fine family of pet professionals at Jones Animal Hospital for helping our Sophie Britannia cross over the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. Words cannot express my gratitude to them, or my sense of loss over Ms Sophie right now. Russ was there with me, through it all, for which I’m immensely grateful. Ichabod and Baltic have gathered with me in the bedroom now that I’m home and are sharing their sweet affection. I’m always amazed by how much animals sense in these situations.

God gave her to us quietly, in that very building, in July 2005, right after we returned home from our first trip to the UK. I brought her home, not having given Russ any notice that she was coming, and sweetly said, “We have room for a sixth, right?”

He took her from my outstretched arms and plopped the tiny ball of fur into the front pocket of his scrubs shirt. He walked around with her in there for quite a while before telling me, “Yeah, we’ve got room.”

She left this world today a mere 3.5 pounds. She was always slight of frame, but fierce of heart. Her spirit was always bigger than her body could hold.

I’m thankful that she waited until we got back from Chicago. I’m thankful that she let me hold her paw and rested her head in my other palm as she passed from this world to the next.
I’m blessed that I got to be her mama and her friend for 17.5 years.

My Little Yoda Ears, I will miss you more than you can ever know. Sophie Marophie, my kitty cat trophy, I will hold you in my heart forever. I know that this is the way it needs to be. And you can run, jump, and pounce out and scare the bejeebies out of unsuspecting kitty cats, as you tear from one end of heaven to the other, looking for cat trees to knock down on the way. You’re free now, Princess — forever free to do whatever you want. Enjoy all the treats that I know are waiting for you there…