I’ve never been one to be into juices and smoothies and things like that. Until a few months ago, when my friend Nikki had me meet her for lunch in Abingdon, Virginia, at a local place called White Birch. Now, make no mistake – White Birch is more than just juice. They’re a thriving local restaurant partnering “with over a dozen farmers in the area providing local, pastured meats, farm fresh eggs and dairy, & all the local in season produce” possible, as touted on their website (www.WhiteBirchJuice.com). Located at 170 East Main Street in Abingdon, White Birch has a simple mission statement: “Our mission is to provide the freshest, sustainable and locally sourced juice in the region. We believe in supporting small local farms, good quality ingredients and caring for our bodies from the inside out to help you live your most vibrant life!” White Birch offers a wide array of juices. What about them? They’re cold-pressed, meaning that no heat is used in the extraction of the juices, which leads to more enzymes, vitamins, and minerals for your body! Their juices are “100% raw,” meaning that the juice is not pasteurized. Each bottle contains about two-three POUNDS of fruits and vegetables! Wowza! And they’re all made locally, with love, and no sugar added. I’ve tried about six of their juices. I’ll be honest – I’m not crazy about all of them. But I’m head over heels about some of them, and impressed with most of them.

My two favorites currently are Re-laxx Tonic and This Majik Moment. I love to indulge in the Re-laxx Tonic just before bed. The Lavender and Chamomile in it help lull me to sleep and keep me well-rested longer at night (it also contains White Birch Juice almond milk, Senna Tea, and Honey). This Majik Moment is my latest obsession, again, thanks to Nikki. It features E3 Live Blue Algae – believe me, I never imagined this being on my favorites list, but it tastes like lemonade to me; Nikki likens it to the bomb-pops of our childhood. Another that I’m pretty keen on is the Orange Dream, which is a lot like a dreamsicle – which is comprised of the following: Orange, Carrot, Apple, Almond Milk, and Vanilla. And, also the Pineapple Paradise – this is another almond milk-based juice, very tropical; I’d tell you what else is in it, but I’m out of it right now and can’t find the ingredients listed anywhere, sorry. 

Nicole Dyer is the founder and owner of White Birch. She has a lot to be proud of, for sure. Also check out their monthly art print projects, proceeds from which benefit the William King Museum of Art; this month’s artist is Charles Vess, and the print is entitled, “Mouse & Friend,” retailing for $25. Stop in the next time you’re in Abingdon – there’s lots to experience!