I joined Planet Fitness at the end of February. The weight loss had begun slowing down on its own, and I was ready to add exercise to the mix. Planet Fitness is an amazing gym, first of all. Lots of great cardio equipment and weights, too. We practice “Social Fitnessing,” the gym’s term for “Social Distancing.” You clean off your own equipment after each use. If you are a Black Card Member – which I am – it costs $20/month, but you get access to all of the “spa” services and equipment like the tanning beds and massage chairs. I’m quite addicted to the Massage Chairs, especially #10, which is a deep-tissue massage chair. The massage chairs are the entire reason I went with the Black Card Membership. After I do a workout, I want to reward myself. At my old gym, there was a Hydromassage Table, and I adored it; this has kicked up the love affair a few more notches! 

So far, I have only ridden the exercise bike and walked the treadmill. I recently walked my fastest mile – which isn’t earth-shattering for most people, but it made me really proud of my progress. I got one mile in in 24:58. I have learned that taking the time to adjust the weight to reflect my accurate weight actually burns more calories. (Who says honesty isn’t the best policy?) So I’m starting to take the time to do that during my workouts, too. I typically use the treadmills on the back row, the ones with the TV monitors. And, if I go during the mornings, to noon’ish my walks tend to go much more quickly because I’m laughing so hard at Friends or The Middle. 

I have had a few exercise-induced asthma attacks. Those were scary. Especially the one where I had forgotten my inhaler in Rupert and not brought it into the gym in my gym bag. (I don’t have a real gym bag, which I’m thinking of changing. I’m considering purchasing a Planet Fitness gym bag. As a Black Card Member, I get 20% off of my first purchase; I’ve been mulling this over since the end of February. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to stick with it, so I feel like I need a designated gym bag, not just a little canvas bag from a conference…) So I now have an extra inhaler, just for my gym bag, such as it is. 

I have also invested in a pair of “running” shoes, even though I don’t ever intend to run. Trust me: it’s not a Chrissie thing, lol! But I posted one day about my awesome new slip-on tennis shoes from Vans and was immediately called on the carpet – out of love and concern – by a couple of friends who were worried about my knees and hips, in the long run. One friend, Angie, even gave her suggestion for a running shoe. I looked them up. Nike React Phantom Run Flyknit 2. Nearly $150. Way more than I was looking to spend on shoes. Way more than I’ve ever spent on shoes. But Russ and I went over to Hibbett Sports and tried on a pair made from the same material, because, of course, they didn’t have them in stock in the store. I was impressed with the feel. I could definitely tell that they were much higher quality than the Vans I had just purchased and knew at once that the Vans were going back to Kohl’s. It took about two weeks to get them in – I will not tell you that getting something in from Hibbett’s warehouse is fun, easy, or quick – but the Phantoms arrived yesterday. I wore them around the house for a while and they felt good. I hope to make it to work out in them today. I hope they last many miles and many moons, many pounds lost and many joys found, and many workouts and many weigh-ins.