I’m going to be honest: blogging is difficult for me. I’d much rather just do a Facebook post than to write something newsy for my website. And then to try to match it up with a picture just about wears me out, because it has to be a horizontal photograph that seems to have something to do with the blog post. It isn’t that my readers and friends aren’t worth the effort; maybe I’m not sure that the news itself is worth the effort… 

Whatever the reason, I have not written a blog post for the two weeks that the site has been up and running, though there have been at least two or three actual reasons to do so. So, today, I will do a combined blog post about a couple of those things in another post, but I will try to focus this post on the successful website launch!

Two weeks ago today, on Halloween, we launched www.CAPWrites.com. Within one week, over 110 people had signed up for our newsletter! That took a lot of support from a lot of people and I’m so appreciative of that, and of all of you who have registered. Although the door prize drawings have ended and have all been sent out but one (I’m still waiting for one person to contact me), it’s never too late to sign up for the newsletter! Please feel free to do so.  We ended up giving away seven items instead of three – four books and three book-related masks. 

Congratulations to these folks who were selected through a random number generator as the winners:

    • Ann Fleenor
    • Allison Stewart
    • Anna Biebl
    • Nikki Grepiotis
    • Amy Warlitner
    • Charlotte Roth
    • Stacy Brown (still need an address to send your mask)

I’ve received so many lovely comments and compliments on the website; it truly makes my heart happy. I consider it a success already, in every possible way! Please continue telling your friends about it. We will add content monthly. I’m hoping that I will, in time, become practiced and disciplined enough to add blogs weekly, so that there’s a reason to check in more frequently. 

If you have ideas or suggestions for things you’d like for me to write about in the “blogs” section, let me know that, too. Maybe you’re curious about what inspired a particular story or poem in one of my books. Maybe you just wonder about my writing process, such as it is. I won’t write about politics, and I try to stay away from general points of religion, although I do write about my own personal spirituality with ease. 

You can also purchase my books directly through me via the website. It’s via PayPay and there’s a button for each book on the “Books” page that includes shipping costs of $4 per book. Additionally, there’s a book bundle for all three with a special shipping price of $6 for all three books. This is for US shipping only. If you live outside of the US and wish to purchase my books, we can make arrangements for doing so; I just have to check on shipping costs to your country through the post office. 

Thanks for making my job fun. Thanks for giving me a reason to do blogs. Thanks for being supportive and appreciative of my work. You guys make it all worthwhile. And I promise: I’m gonna get better at this blog-business! As long as you’ll keep reading, then I will keep writing!