Running From Crazy

A collection of stories/essays/poems centered around the general theme of “crazy,” which may range from the clinical definition to various social contexts. I’ve tackled it here, in several graces and guises. I still run on occasion. But eventually, I stop, turn myself around, close my eyes, and embrace it. After all, we have to love ourselves before we can love anyone else.

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Running From Crazy

Praise for Running From Crazy

Running From Crazy is a delightful collage of memories woven into prose and poetry that is at times poignant and heartrending and at others is humorous and down-right wacky. Chrissie [Anderson] Peters has the remarkable ability to step back from her life and write about those terribly human moments – the ones we wish had never happened – until we grow up and realize they are the exact moments that make us the people we are today.
     – Rebecca Elswick, author of Mama’s Shoes

In Running From Crazy Chrissie [Anderson ] Peters collects essays, poems and stories focusing on life’s external mysteries, such as how to forgive absent fathers, insensitive coaches, and cruel college football players. Part memoir, part family history, part homage to the mountains she loves, the book provides an interesting sample of Peters’ eclectic interests and talents.
     – Rita Sims Quillen, author of Her Secret Dream (poetry) and Hiding Ezra 

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