I didn’t forget your birthday. I just couldn’t get the words out to say the things I wanted to say. The words… Well, you know, sometimes they’re our best friends, enabling us to say the perfect things. Then other times, they fail us completely, and lead us to dark, back corners where words have no place, in vacuum-sealed rooms, where no words can penetrate, sometimes not even the sound of our tears, and we wander around looking for the hidden door, the only way out, so we can try to express ourselves again… I guess it took me a couple of days to get out of the void, “the vacuum of my heart,” because ever since I woke up this morning, I have cried, and words have tumbled forth. I love you. I miss you. And I try to put your name out there on every important thing that I do. I want people to remember what an amazing person you were. What a kind and generous soul. How hard you loved. How much your family and friends meant to you. I want every person who encounters your name – written or spoken – to know that it is a word filled with beauty, honor, and grace. I miss you, Mykee. From the core of my being, I miss you so very much. I wouldn’t wish you back to the pain you were in. But I sure do miss your smiles and hugs. Please never stop sending me those magical remnants of your glorious being. I love you, Sister.