1. Concession Sales Person: Too bad we don’t sell humility and grace – that taunting thing was just not pretty!
  2. Refs: Taunting might be a silly call, but you just got caught doing it on national television, so you forced us to call it!
  3. Zay Flowers (Baltimore Wide Receiver): You’re welcome, Chiefs. “I’ll learn from my mistakes.”
  4. Patrick Mahomes (the Quarterback): We did it! We took it on the road and did it, even when people said we couldn’t. My team ROCKS!
  5. Travis Kelce (Tight End): I just surpassed Jerry Rice’s NFL record for most postseason receptions because my team’s quarterback knows he can rely on me to be there when he needs me on the field! Go Chiefs!
  6. Andy Reid (the Coach): “The guys never doubted! There’s great attitude on this team!” 
  7. The Average Chiefs Fan: WOO-HOO!!! We’re back in the Super Bowl! Four times in five years, baby! Look out, Vegas! We’re coming for you, 49ers!
  8. The People Cleaning Up the Stands: Great game. Let’s get out of here and go home already. 
  9. Rookie Security Guard: I hope this doesn’t get ugly, but I’m ready if it does. I think.
  10. Parking Attendant: What a cluster—-!
  11. Taylor Swift: I love you, Travis! (Y’all know there’s a song in all this, right?)