I went to the doctor’s office last Thursday for my quarterly check-up.

My blood pressure was 118/77. Pretty much perfect. Heart rate 90. Mine is always high. Weight 273.6 — down 27 pounds from where I started on January 4. I have 23 pounds left to meet my June 30 goal.

Lab work came back today. Potassium is a little low, so we’re starting a supplement for that. Vitamin D is a little low, so he has suggested that I start taking that daily, too. My iron is a little low, so he has suggested a daily iron supplement with Vitamin C, so it doesn’t upset my stomach.

My thyroid is stable for the first time in years.

My FAVORITE NEWS, besides the weight loss, which I have, of course, been charting daily, is that my A1C has gone from 7.1 in January, DOWN TO 6.3 NOW!!! I have used very little insulin in the past three months. My goal is to be able eventually to discontinue usage of insulin again as I did several years ago when I lost down to 220 pounds.

I have pretty much reached a plateau, which is both annoying and stressful, but I continue to work out more at the gym, so I am increasing my workouts. I am maintaining what I have taken off, though, which is ultimately the goal of any weight loss.

This morning, when I weighed at home sans clothing, I finally broke below the 270-pound mark. I weighed in at 269.4. I’m drinking 2-4 liters of water a day. I have been experiencing a lot of constipation from the Contrave lately, the exact opposite problem of what I had in the beginning. So I’m exploring new sources of fiber, too, as suggested by my doctor. So far, this is going much better than before.

I still cannot stomach beef. I’m still eating lots of chicken. And still looking for interesting ways of fixing it. I’m still trying to sneak in lots of spinach to my food, because, so far, that, carrots, and onions (cooked, preferably on all three), are the only veggies I can make myself eat. Although I can make myself eat occasional baby spinach, matchstick carrots, and mushroom salads. Not as much as I should. I am using the Noom app to track food. This is the first time in my life that I have tried logging my food. It is really enlightening – and more than a little bit frightening – to see how many calories are in things that I used to eat and never think twice about consuming on a regular basis. I like the Noom “color” approach to food. In fact, I like most of the Noom approach to weight loss, and did briefly try it, but I didn’t feel like $20/month was worth it for a “coach” who didn’t address my questions, concerns, or needs. I love that I can continue using the app for free! I’m still on track to hit 266 pounds by April 27, my first “goal” when I was using Noom. The basic premise in Noom is to believe that you can achieve. And I do! The weight loss might be going more slowly, but it’s still going! That is the part that counts most at the end of each day and when I weigh in each morning. I’m still doing lots of great things for my body.