On August 28, I decided to sign up to sell Scentsy products. I’ve been using Scentsy for a few years now and really enjoy them. A lot of people think of Scentsy and think, “Oh, that’s something like candles,” which is kinda true, but also inaccurate.

Scentsy was founded in Salt Lake City in 2003 by Kara Egan and her sister-in-law Colette Gunnell, who met Orville and Heidi Thompson at a small business event in 2004. The Thompsons, impressed with the wickless candle company created by the two women, bought the company and moved its headquarters to Meridian, Idaho, where it has grown astronomically over the past 17 years. The company now includes an entire line of laundry and cleaning products, unplugged scent-producing products, a kids line complete with a host of licensed and unlicensed stuff animals and warmers, and an impressive line of licensed merchandise from the likes of Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, the NFL, and the NHL.

My favorite thing for the past few years has been the Wall Fan Diffuser and Scentsy Pods. These don’t use heat to function, rather air. The wall fan unit is created with a plastic fan in the shaft of the plug-in unit and the pods are created with vented slits so that, when placed in the shaft of the wall fan unit, the fan blows up through the pods, thereby distributing the fragrance from the pods through the air in the surrounding space. We have used them in several areas of our house and I really love them in the bathroom and litterbox rooms! They’re great at keeping odors under control.

Now that I’m selling, though, I’ve discovered tons of great new products, but also some neat features and services provided by the company.

We have a Warmer each selling period that raises funds for family-based charities. Last season’s raised money for Mental Health Awareness in the US and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. The Warmer for this period is a Scandinavian-based design called Hope Blooms. It retails for $55, and $9.50 of that goes straight to charities – they will announce which charities once the selling season is over.

Other things I really like about the company? I got a 5% raise in what I make (or in what I save on my own purchases) once I submitted $1000 in sales, which was in my first month, so that’s 25%. The only one pushing my sales numbers is me – I have a great director, Lucy Stewart, who provides us with a lot of information and encouragement/support without hassling us to hustle all the time.

I’m crazy about the Whiff Box! The Whiff Box costs just $30 and is always worth more than that and comes stocked with full-sized surprises so that you can try different things from company-selected themes monthly – this month the theme is Bakery and oh, it all smells delicious! (It also gives you a small wax sample of the Scent of the Month coming the next month.) And speaking of the Scent of the Month – yes, they develop a special one each month, in addition to the 80+ that are part of the regular season’s catalog each season – you can opt to receive that and/or the Warmer of the Month each and every month in a special subscription, too! Yes, a different warmer every month. I used to roll my eyes at this concept, but since I joined in late August, I’ve been blown away by ALL of the Warmers of the Month (I cannot say the same for all of the Scents of the Month because I’m just not into the “tree” smells and, as the holidays approach, there have been a couple of those, so far). And I’ve already fallen in love with December’s Warmer of the Month, “Nature’s Beauty,” which we got a sneak peak of in the end of month call from headquarters last night! Back to the Whiff Box… I choose to get mine as part of a monthly subscription, so it’s 10% off the retail price – it retails for $30.

Then, I can add other items to my subscription – and a subscription can be monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly – including new scents in the wax bars the company is now famous for – through the “Always Get My Bar” option, whereby you have 30 days from the time the scent debuts to add it to your club subscription and the company will always make it for you, as long as you never unsubscribe from that scent, even if they discontinue the fragrance – and let’s face it, with about 80 scents per season, and 12 new scents a year for the Scents of the Month, plus seasonal scents like the Harvest Collection and the Holiday Collection and the Holiday Bricks and the Scents of the Season package – well, there are a lot of fragrances that get discontinued and don’t carry over from season to season. If your monthly subscription reaches $60, then you can choose an item for half-price, in addition to getting your products for 10% off. My half-price item is a replacement filter for my Air Purifier, so my HEPA H13 replacement filter only costs me $17.50 per month. I like that deal! (And the Air Purifier is a dream – it operates like a regular air filter, with the option of using the aforementioned Scentsy Pods to distribute fragrance throughout the room.)

I joined Scentsy at a particularly exciting time of year and hit the ground running. In less than 70 days, I’ve sold over $5650. I’m nearing the $6000 PRV mark and have had two recruits. I hit ScentSational Start in just over 30 days.

BTW, if you’re on our Christmas list, please don’t be surprised/disappointed when you open your gift to find something Scentsy-related, lol! Given the season, it is exciting, but it’s also a little frustrating and nerve-wracking with all of the supply chain issues that abound. I can definitely see the effects of it in what is rolling out on-time for our customers and when supplies get interrupted causing early sellouts on already limited-time offers (LTO’s). Our Disney’s Haunted Mansion Warmer, for example, sold out in just a few hours, thanks to the supply issues. We’re hoping that more are on the way, but we can’t be 100% positive how many or when, so we aren’t sure if there will be more to buy or not. Lesson learned for me? If I THINK it’s something that I want or might need, grab it then; don’t put it off until tomorrow! Because with that one, tomorrow never came and I have two customers who desperately want it.

I could go on and on about how much I love Scentsy and what I’ve learned in about two months of selling it, but I’ll stop for now. What I will continue to do, though, is to invite you to check out my Scentsy page and to tell your friends about it. And for those on a budget, we also have a Clearance section with fun things like an R2-D2 Warmer from Star Wars, The Child from Mandalorian Scentsy Buddy stuffed animal, a lovely Breast Cancer Awareness Warmer which raises money for breast cancer research, and so much more great stuff. If you ever have questions about how to purchase, how to best bundle to save extra money, or anything like that, please feel free to contact me anytime be email at purple_cia@yahoo.com . My Scentsy website address is https://ChrissieAndersonPeters.Scentsy.US