I have a confession. I have an addiction. I have always been hooked on lip balm, but recently, there’s something more specific coming into my house. I love Mary Kay lip colors! I know a lot of people are probably sitting at home reading this thinking, “What a silly topic,” or “There’s a pandemic and we’re masking – who sees lips,” but this is a new passion, so I wanted to write about it.

I used to sell Mary Kay and have loved their products since I was a teenager. But recently, I have become completely obsessed with the lip colors. Not just the current ones, although, I have my favorites in the current line, to be sure!

I love layering the lipsticks and lip glosses. One of my favorite looks is Naturally Buff Gel Semi-Shine Lipstick topped off with Sheer Illusion Unlimited Lip Gloss. Sheer Illusion is a perfect topper. My other current favorite lip colors on my lips are Spiced Ginger Gel Semi-Shine and the Luminous Lilac Gel Semi-Shine. My other go-to Unlimited Lip Glosses in the current line are Tawny Nude and Evening Berry. So, I’ve got everything from subtle and barely there to eye-popping purples!

I’m also a sucker for some of the discontinued colors. My awesome friend and Mary Kay hook-up, Christie Kiser-Davenport (Christie.Kiser.Davenport@gmail.com), was recently able to wrangle up some of my favorite discontinued colors. She found Berry Dazzle, which was my favorite color when I sold Mary Kay. It has mega-glitter in it and is a fun number to wear out and about, or just around the house. Even when using masks, enough of the glitter stays put that you get a great effect. She also found the Pink Intuitive pH Lip Gloss from a few years ago that changes different colors on different people, based on your pH balance. What a neat concept, right? There was a second in the pH balance lip glosses, too, one that was already tinted somewhat, Berry. You guessed it, purple. So, as long as I was walking down Memory Lane, I had to have some of that, too, and was able to find some on ebay. I found three tubes of it and shared a tube with my friend Kandy, so I’m still set for a while. (Always check with your Mary Kay Consultant first – they’re a wealth of useful information and helpful in so many ways. I used ebay as a last resort to score the Berry pH intuitive Lip Gloss.)

Mary Kay has another limited run of lip gloss out right now. It helps raise money for The Mary Kay Foundation, which assists a number of charities dedicated to women’s issues. The two new colors are Confident Pink and Hopeful Lilac. They retail for $16 each. Be sure to check those out. I’m sure that Christie would be more than happy to help you out with any of these colors or others that you may want to try for yourselves.

Colors in the photo at the top? I’m wearing the Berry pH Intuitive Lip Gloss, and my friend Nikki is wearing Rosewood Gel Semi-Shine topped with the Pink pH Intuitive Lip Gloss. True friends share true colors!