I’m still trying to get back into the writing groove. I’ll be honest – some days are better than others. I haven’t been making it to the 7 a.m. Writing Prompt Zoom Group. My heart hasn’t been so much into writing or into sharing, which makes going to the Zoom less enjoyable. And to be completely honest, my mood has been lousy, and I haven’t wished to inflict that upon others. I’ve also been trying to sleep in when and where I can because of all the appointments I have had to keep. I need to set aside time to write, though, because I lack discipline. I’m about 35-40 pages away from my goal of 100 pages in my memoir by December. November is now almost halfway gone. I’ve got to get my butt in gear!

Last weekend, though, I drove up to Beckley, WV, to spend Friday night with my friend Sharon W. from Table Rock. She is part of the West Virginia Writers group, and their Fall Conference was in Clarksburg, WV, last Saturday. She let me ride the rest of the way up with her. It was a great conference, and I learned a lot. I need to sit down with what I worked on there and see what I can churn out. I’m still trying to figure out the braided essay, but I think it’s a mental block on my part. Marie Manilla and the other leaders that day were fabulous!

Then, on Wednesday, November 12, I played hooky from PT (I had Russ call in sick for me) and attended another “Mining the Mother Lode” session with Darnell Arnoult. As always, I got so much out of this session. Darnell makes everything seem to tumble out so effortlessly. She is magical! From her seemingly simple one-word prompts to her infamous 500-word sentence, Darnell finds ways to tap into creativity that I can’t explain or even truly comprehend. I just know that what she does works so well for me. I always walk away with tons of words, lots of feelings, and some great work that always makes me feel like I have accomplished something great! I can’t wait for her Poetry session on December 7. To find a complete listing of what she has going on (2023 schedule coming soon), be sure to check out her website, www.DarnellArnoult.net I promise, it will be the best $40 you will ever spend, if you take advantage of her “Mining the Mother Lode” sessions. I attend every one I can. They’re always different. I always get gold from the work I put into them. And the words I get out of the work I put in often turn out to be more spectacular than when I’m working in any other way.