Here’s my attempt of a recap of the 2024 80s Cruise. Overall, a wonderful time. Despite falling and slightly spraining my ankle, it was a wonderful time. Another week where we sometimes had to try to figure out when we would have time to eat because there was so much we wanted to do. 

Favorite Concerts: Air Supply and Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg

Least-Liked Concerts: Stephen Pearcy from Ratt and Animotion (Toss-Up)

Favorite Interviews: Sebastian Bach (interviewed by Downtown Julie Brown), Sheena Easton (interviewed by Downtown Julie Brown), and Ray Parker, Jr. (interviewed by Mark Goodman)

Favorite Interviewer: Downtown Julie Brown

Least Favorite Interviewer: Mark Goodman

Favorite Interview Moments: Sebastian Bach’s entire interview, but specifically talking about crying while watching Andy Griffith and Little House on the Prairie; Ray Parker, Jr.’s story about Stevie Wonder getting ticked off when they got pulled over by the police in Detroit – “I’m sorry, officer, my buddy’s drunk and thinks he’s Stevie Wonder!”

Favorite Concert Moments: Sebastian Bach singing Air Supply, Journey, and Mr. Mister’s “Kyrie” during his show; Sebastian Bach guest-singing on Air Supply’s final song of the last night, “All Out of Love” (you really need to look for it on YouTube, so amazing to hear the three of them together); Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg playing 35 songs in a 75-minute set (still blown away by that – the intensity of the energy on the stage and surging through the audience was beyond words)

Friendliest Celebrity: Tommy Tutone “867-5309” — he would stop and pose with people on the dance floor at shows, in the hallways, at the pool, wherever, just a genuinely nice guy who really enjoyed the fans and being around them.

Funniest Celebrities: Ray Parker, Jr. and Sebastian Bach, each incredibly engaging in very different ways. Had no idea Ray Parker, Jr. had been playing guitar since age 15 with artists like Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. Not primarily a vocalist. So much more to him than “Ghostbusters.” Had no idea I was going to like Sebastian Bach at all – had no interest in him going into the cruise, then found him just so entertaining and charming, in a totally unexpected way. He can sing anything, not just glam rock/Skid Row songs. And is an unexpectedly tender-hearted person.

Biggest Disappointment: Sheena Easton getting sick and not being able to perform her second show (the one we were supposed to get to see). So glad she was able to do her Behind the Music interview, though. And that Russ got her to autograph my albums. And that I got to meet her in the elevator right after that.

Sweetest Celebrity: Debbie Gibson — she was so gracious with her time and recognized her fans so reverently time after time in her appearances. And she hasn’t aged a bit! Loved her advice to the audience in her Behind the Music interview, too – “Don’t delay joy!”

Most Fun Personalities: Alan Hunter and Downtown Julie Brown! DJB just exudes fun wherever she goes, whatever she does. And Alan has always been my favorite MTV VJ. Meeting the two of them and having my pic made with them together was such a treat. I really geeked out over that moment!


Favorite Parts of Excursions: Aruba – the Butterfly Farm, when the Malachite butterfly lighted on Russ for about three minutes while he was sitting on a bench, then flitted over and landed on my shirt, staying there while I was walking around (for about five minutes in all); also in Aruba, the gorgeous Natural Bridge area; in Curacao, the Sea World excursion where we went below deck on a boat and watched marine life in a coral reef. In general, the waters of the Caribbean – that far south, it was almost the same blue as the Mediterranean and took my breath away! (I also didn’t realize we were only about 80 miles from South America at that point; had I been left to my own devices… Just to cross something else off the list!)


Favorite Costumes: The Mrs Roper Romp participants and the guy who dressed as Maverick from Top Gun/Clark Kent

Coolest Moments: Graduation Ceremony with my husband standing beside me in orange in the sweltering Caribbean sun while Air Supply delivered our commencement speech.


Act(s) I’m Most Looking Forward to on 2025 Cruise: Right now, Squeeze, Men at Work, and Adam Ant — for Russ, it’s Sheila E.